"As the
of a
new day
it is filled
endless possibilities"

Yvonne C.A. Dunetz

Welcome to Almond Tree Press!

This is a website for Books, CDs, Videos, DVDs and other literary and artistic products that are written, published and produced to partially or totally benefit non-profit organizations.

Our Mission:
Almond Tree Press is committed to improve and enhance the overall quality of life, health and well-being of individuals by providing literary and artistic resources. It is our intent that these resources will help to inform, educate, motivate, inspire and enhance self-awareness in one’s journey of healing.

Our Vision:
The vision of Almond Tree Press is to be a meaningful provider of excellent resources for individuals, families, therapists, healers, counselors, and clergy.

Core Values:
Supporting our vision are our core values. These values are Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Trust and an understanding that it is through love that the greatest healing takes place.


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